Student Development Program

Industrial Visits 

Industrial visit is considered as one of the most tactical methods of teaching. The main reason behind this - it enable students to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. College take students for a guided tour named as Industrial Visits providing them information about the background of the companies and The purpose of such visits are:

  • Exposure to actual working conditions.
  • Increase practical awareness of various industrial sectors.
  • Acquaint students with interesting facts and breath-taking technologies.
  • Identify the input and output for different processes.
  • Experience the importance of working safely.

Guest Lectures

  • As a leader in corporate communication and public relations, they have held place at the decision making table.
  • They have faced almost insurmountable threats in their organization's very survival.
  • They have developed strategies on which a company's future depends.
  • They know what it takes to get hired, to move up the career ladder, to earn the respect of their peers, employees, and boss.
  • Guest Lecture is very important for Corporate Interface program, as emphasis is given on not only making a student academically brilliant, but also true leaders, team players and preparing them for the real life corporate world.
  • We invite eminent personalities from various Industries and Institutions to share valuable information from their experiences to our students.
  • Experience the importance of working safely.

House Meets

House meet is a great platform to build a sense of cohesion between students to perform together for one and all activities of life. Students settle in college and become friendly with their classmates; college environment is far wider than this. Everyone should have an opportunity to interact and mix with students from other batches also where besides actively participating in activities, they can be helpful in programs, course work and other resources. Together they should be willing to get to know each other, particularly those with different interests and backgrounds. They should be open to new ideas, diverse viewpoints, and should gel with variety of individuals present within the group.

College management ensures that all activities are executed and performed, wherein the participation is via HOUSES.

The students are picked up randomly from each class in equal numbers. Each house is denoted by :

  • A Name
  • A Colour
  • Logo
  • Slogan

There are below mentioned three positions in each HOUSE along with house Incharge (faculty member), for which students elect their positions with consensus or through election process.

  • Captain
  • Vice-Captain
  • Secretary

Sports Events

"A healthy body helps in developing a sound mind." In Shikshapeeth, Sports Day is one of the mega events organized by the college. It is a vibrant and active team event which boosts the morale and creates a bonding among students. We have named it as SHIKSHA SPORTS. Both indoor and outdoor games are a part of it. It is an inter-house competition in which, every house has to ensure that each member participates in minimum one game. It is held in the third week of December every year. Our corporate partners are also invited as guest of honour.

The games are:

Indoor – Table Tennis, Badminton, Carom and Chess

Outdoor – Cricket, races etc.

Winners are also awarded with Gold and Silver medals. The house with maximum medals is awarded with the winning trophy of the event. The creativity and talent shines when students display innovative ideas to catch attention of management to display their house participation. The best display of team spirit is when entire house participates in TUG OF WAR. Students eagerly wait for this motivational, energetic and team Building sports event

Excursion Trips

Shikshapeeth College has always been encouraging students to participate in activities related to social, cultural, athletic or musical activities in addition to academic. We always plan to take our students for trips / excursion (a journey by a group of students to a place away from their normal environment) once a year. This is a part of our annual planner. It generally combines with an Industrial Visit.   Excursion with Industrial visit is defined as educational experiences conducted to correlate corporate industry experience with rich learning experience of historical, cultural, natural and pilgrim sights of India. The objective of these trips/excursion is usually to give students learning through observation, non-experimental research and to provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities. The experiences gained during excursion gives relevant meaning to the knowledge.

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