Campus is unanimously agreed as the second home of a student's life, the reason why we have instilled quality and perfection in all our infrastructure and facilities. Located at the hub of Delhi, the institute is accessible through Metro Rail, Bus and other city transport modes. Ample parking space is also available around the college. The campus of Shikshapeeth is vibrant, enthusiastic and filled with immense possibilities to ensure that students have quality and beneficial time. Shikshapeeth have inculcated spirit of quality education in every form.

Our library and resource room are available to student at any point of time. Shikshapeeth has elegant and aesthetically designed building, advance study rooms, cafeterias and state-of-the-art entertainment centres which lead to a comfortable and enriching experience among students. We care for our students by cultivating young minds as tomorrow's smart professionals.

We believe that quality education does not limit itself in imparting course materials in classroom. It is a holistic approach where a mind is nurtured and broadened with true knowledge and deep insight. As a result we have maintained peaceful ambience and surrounding which act as catalyst of clear understandings. The building is designed meticulously in order to provide a comfortable and learning atmosphere which help in concentration and effective learning.

Salient features of our infrastructure are:

  • Trendy and spacious classrooms
  • Classy auditorium and study centers
  • Technology centric set up
  • Neat and hygienic
  • Air conditioned classrooms
  • Advance Library and Resource centre
  • Latest technology enabled computer lab


The classroom is the place where concentration, learning eagerness and proper teacher-student interaction play major role. Shikshapeeth has taken a great care while designing the classroom by installing various technology aids for fruitful education. With excellent classrooms, learning is always exciting for the students of Shikshapeeth. Some of the striking features we have in our classrooms are:

  • Designed aesthetically to promote conducive learning ambience
  • Spacious and managed rooms
  • Air conditioned and well lighted rooms
  • Arranged seating structure allowing student to see teacher and other teaching aids easily
  • Equipped with modern technology centric learning aids
  • The classrooms are echo-proof and therefore group discussion is promoted without hindrance

Hostel & Cafe

The hostel facility is arranged for out-stationed students and students residing in the other part of the region. As nearby locality is suitable for students which eases the commutation to college. Also the nearby area has dense residential population and safe environment. There are plenty of options for students to stay comfortably. We assist all the students to get the most suitable accommodation within affordable budget through our student councilor in associate hostel/PG facilities The fun element between rigorous study schedules is the place 'cafeteria'. Here the future managers and professionals debate, interact and relaxe. A campus looses the charm and excitement in the absence of a cafeteria. Shikshapeeth understands that for a cultivating mind, freeness and some relaxing time is an important attribute. The ace factors of our cafeteria are:

  • Hygienic and spacious
  • Variety of foods and beverages available
  • Air-conditioned and vibrant area
  • Water cooler is provided
  • Provision of quick bites and meals
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