Practical based Learning

The integration of the Corporate Interface Programme in the present education system is very critical and requires a comprehensive structure to perform the various functions smoothly. So we have categorized the complete program in four distinct functions :-

1. Academic Development:

It comprises of every aspects related to the academics and the course delivery required to gain the knowledge by the students. To make the program completely industry oriented all the course materials are designed accordingly. These materials are developed in coordination with the university academic experts and industry inputs. A completely dedicated team of academic experts pool their efforts to develop these programme. These programmes will act as the learning tools for the students as a whole. The course material is developed with maximum focus on developing practical skills, in depth understanding based on case studies and to improve the student’s performance in group and individual level. Also the learning experience is enhanced through various assignments, workshops, seminars, participation in group activities, business scenario simulations, debates, discussions, brainstorming sessions. More emphasis is given to the applicability of knowledge in the real life scenarios.

2. Skill based trainings:

It is always our prime objective to groom students with holistic education where the scope of learning is expanded to develop personality, professionalism and social skills. So we put the skill based training as an integral part of the program where students will be trained on various skills which will help them to achieve the pinnacle of success in their professional and social life. To make the student a perfect business leader only knowledge is not sufficient. Realizing this, a comprehensive training module is developed for presentation skills, public speaking, personality development, English communication, Interview skills, social etiquettes etc. This helps in the overall grooming and also in making them more employable in the corporate world. Emphasis has also been given to personal grooming, dressing codes, body language development, etc.

Skill Based Trainings Module

Career Alignment
Field of Interest Personality Attributes Background Understanding your strengths
Thinking About Career Directions      
Attitude Building Defining Attitude Mastering Attitude First Impression  
Organizational Skills Power Dressing Interview Material    
Critical Thinking Skills Thought Process Critical Thinking Research the company  
Communication Skills Fluency Muggling Up Understanding others better  
Interpersonal Skills Successful Team Efforts Overcoming Troubles    
Multitasking Skills Knowledge of Multiple Tasks Willingness to take Responsibilities Problem solving  
Resume Writing Resume Writing Updating on portals Live Sessions Resume Drafting
Business English Basic English Pronunciations MTI Modals, Parts of Speech, Tenses
Fillers Conversation Skills Voice Modulation Story Making
Tongue Twisters Phrasal English Translation Newspaper Reading
Interview Skills FAQ’s Body Language Question one should ask in interview Telephonic Interview
Mock Day Interviews Group Discussion Extempore  
Reasoning Mental Ability Blood Relations Logical Reasoning Venn Diagrams Direction sense test
Odd one out Sylogism    
SWOT of every Student      
Negotiating Skills Choosing btw. options Conversion of No into Yes    

3. Student Profile Management System (SPMS) : Click here to see details

4. Corporate Exposure

The most important function that completes the learning in corporate interface program is the real time work exposure in the industry. Students armed with a strong skill based training become ready for this challenging and most rewarding phase of their learning. This is the part where the students are evaluated and put on actual jobs in various companies.

During this on job training students also receive a stipend from the organization. Students work in the organizations in actual roles and are jointly assessed by the company and the college. A continuous mentoring and monitoring mechanism ensures that they learn maximum during this period and be prepared for the professional life ahead.


To ensure smooth placement of the students in various organizations an exclusive association is made with innumerable organizations which agree to take the students from the college. This becomes also beneficial for organisations as they can train these young minds for future employment and reduce the complexities of hiring fresh candidates and train them. Students who perform well in the actual job environment while training are often absorbed by the same organization and get a final placement offer even before completing the program.


In addition to on job training regular corporate interactions, industrial visits, guest lectures, national level events, excursion trips, seminars & conferences, student development programmes, house meets, sports and cultural events etc. are also a part of the programme.

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