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Corporate Interface
The massive tide of globalization and fast emerging economical environment has put an immense pressure on our education system to reinvent itself to match the requirements of future. It is well understood that education is the key element in today's competition prone world and is the only way to prepare students to face the professional challenges efficiently. Stating this very concept in his own words Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam stated, “Focus of the education system should be to train students to become autonomous learners”.
Shikshapeeth's thinking cap has been active ever since we have identified the possibilities to bring a change in the sector. We have introduced strategic moves to reinforce the realization of individual potential among students. Our long term strategies are based on the simple philosophy of creating a benchmark in the education and transform lives.
Following this philosophy we have closely studied the prevailing education patterns and conceptualize the unique Corporate Interface Program model. This model when implemented and inducted in Indian higher education programs has created leaders in the past and has changed the face of course delivery. The concept includes not only the aspect of students but is a holistic approach considering Students, Faculties, Educational Institutes, Corporate Industry and society at large.
We believe that the most relevant approach to make Indian higher education efficient is to develop a coherent and comprehensive policy. Our aim is to infuse excellence, bring institutional diversity and aid capacity building in the intellectual capital. We firmly believe that the growth prospects of the Indian economy depend to a large extent on how the country tackles certain issues of intellectual capital today. This is the task of the education system to mould students according to the requirement of the industry and we wish to take the pioneering step in that direction.
What is Corporate Interface ?
Corporate Interface program is a model of education in which along with regular classroom education the student works/trains in corporate both at Graduate and Post Graduate level from the second year onwards of their respective programmes.
Technically Corporate Interface Program is redesigned model of existing higher education programs to align it to the specific requirements of corporate world and infuse maximum exposure, to in hand experience for students in actual work environment. Along with their regular studies, students will also be placed in prestigious companies where they will work in various profiles. This combination of world class course material along with real time experience enhances the value of the programme and will assist the students to excel in their choice of career. The whole process from course delivery model, faculty training, and assessment to monitoring and mentoring will be completely unique and designed to promote a learning environment.
Programme Highlights
Our Corporate Interface Programme is designed not only to fulfil the gaps in our education system but also cultivates the importance of creating a rational and practical based education which is based on a balance mix of theoretical foundation and practical exposure. It is no way just some cosmetic changes in the system, rather it is a bold step towards complete make-over of the delivery to create a new set of system built on the base of practical learning. Here students will study a meticulously designed program with very niche selection of subjects under the specified guidelines.
Some of our pointers that mark a beginning of new and fresh educational reforms through Corporate Interface Programme are:
Detailed study of Indian educational structure and student oriented course structure.
Innovative and specialized courses designed for professional success developed in accordance with industry requirements
Futuristic delivery model to inculcate knowledge among students.
Pioneering concept and capability to implement .
Program will bring professional success to students from different walks of life.
Professional insight and latest trends observed by experts are included.
Continuous improvement model to bring newer and newer programs to suit future needs. • Flexible learning facilities.
Exposure to real work environment in corporate world where students will gain experience and leadership qualities.
Special emphasis on etiquette , presentation capability and personality development for students to build confident professionals of future.
360° learning for students as well as faculties for effective results.
Course structure developed under the University specified guidelines to maintain high quality and standards.
Program Benefits
Education is first step towards a brighter tomorrow. So when we conceptualized the Corporate Interface Programme it propelled a wave of new ideas with multifaceted benefits. These benefits were not limited to the students only but included everyone associated along with our society. The concept is noble and revolutionary as well, if we implement it with determination, dedication and under guidance of the best brains working in the education sector. Although it is very early to understand the larger impact of the programme, at this stage but even the very practical benefits are inspiring.
Benefits for Students
This program is completely career oriented where students are not taught to chase Grades but instil positive and confident attitude that determines success.
Provides equal opportunities to every student and bring out the incredible potential from average students who are left behind in the current system.
Along with knowledge skills are being nurtured.
Completely unique course materials emphasizing on practical based learning.
Focussed curriculum to develop specialized skill set.
Opportunity to work in real work environment where they get in hand experience and true realization of the idiom of 'Earning while Learning'.
Flexible delivery model minimizing the pressure and maximizing real world exposure.
Creating better career prospects with added experience and training.
Wide choice of specializations to deliver interest driven career to everyone.
Benefits for Corporate world
Indian corporate houses have long waited for an education system that can synchronize the imparted knowledge with global industry requirements and current trends. So when the requirement remained unattended the industries started their own skill development programs to fulfill the demand. Now with the introduction of Corporate Interface Programme the industry will also reap huge benefits. Some of the primary benefits are:
Training cost is minimized as students have already undergone training in this programme.
Increased communication, interaction and association with educational institutes to offer their suggestions about the basic required skills for a professional career.
A steady flow of highly employable workforce which require minimum training.
Can focus more on hiring fresh candidates with industry exposure, and infuse fresh ideas and vigour in the workforce.
Increased campus recruitments resulting in reduced hiring costs.
Opportunity to associate with University / College to jointly develop courses for specialized requirements.
A wide pool of young trainees who will learn job skills during their studies which will reduce the induction time to a great extent.
Opportunity to pick suitable candidates even before they complete the course securing future demands.
Benefits for Society
Every development in education has benefitted the society. So the Corporate Interface programme also has some very positive and long term societal impacts. Some of the following benefits have the power to create a new benchmark in social development.
Improve the employment scenario drastically where more and more youth get the job of their choice and achieve success in their professional career.
Skill based learning will increase the employability of even average students, which in turn will strengthen the position of India as the greatest pool of talent.
Greater stress on overall development in the students will reduce the fear of grades and encourage more people to pursue higher studies.

Students Testimonials
Course:BBA (2010-13)
"Corporate interface Programme not only enhances theoretical but also practical exposure. The programme no doubt is rigorous but the faculty are very motivating. College staff gives personal attention to each student. Both the faculty and the management staff made the learning experience, enjoyable and intellectual."
Course:BBS (2014-17)
"The program Corporate Interface helps me in enhancing my Career & understanding the corporate world with the help of academic activities & Industrial Interaction such as Industrial visits, Guest Lectures. I am Glad that Co-Curriculum activities helped me in growing my personality backed by academic activities. I would like to thank the faculty members too, for supporting & enhancing my skills."
Course:BBS (2014-17)
"As a management student I really feel proud to be a part of Shikshapeeth College. The experienced faculties of Shikshapeeth not only teach us but also help us to enhance our technical as well as managerial skills. The college also organizes different sort of activities throughout the year like, fresher’s party, cultural festival, quiz contest, sports meet, college fest etc. which help us to explore our inner strengths & capabilities. I joined Shikshapeeth to become thorough professional and I feel blessed that I am getting exactly what wanted.."
Course:BCA (2012-15)
"I would like to thank the college authority for getting me internship training at NITYO INFOTECH as IT trainee. Without college support it would not be possible for me to get in such a great company. I want to reiterate that all this possible because of education and capabilities provided by College."
Course:BBA (2013-16)
"I am thankful to Shikshapeeth College for providing me a great platform and steady assistance from Training & Placement Cell in molding my career the way I desired. I joined Godrej & Boyce Co. Pvt. Ltd. As a part of my internship of BBA from the very first day I learnt new things about corporate and its environment. I am very much thankful to Institution for providing me such opportunity to enhance my skills."
Course:BBA (2013-16)
"I would like to thank the college management for getting me job at Nityo Infotech as IT Trainee. From the very first day I learnt new things about the Corporate & its Environment. I benefited by Internship and hearties thanks to college for providing me such a good training and Education."
Course:MBA (2011-13)
"Most respectfully, I thank you for all the support for getting me Internship (MBA III Dec. 2012) in AGL Logistics Pvt. Ltd. My job profile is marketing profile which matches my specialization subject.I want to share one more thing with my college and other student friends, that staff and Vice President of AGL logistics are treating me as regular employee rather than a trainee. Support is being extended to me in my learning tricks of trade.I specially thank my Training and Placement Head.."
Course:BCA (2011-14)
"Respectfully, I want to say that I am very thankful to Training and Placement Head and College management for giving me a very good opportunity on my OJT as I have joined M/s Hand On Success as a Management Trainee in my 4th semester.I have gained very much knowledge like HR profile, negotiation skills, various levels of position in organisation and communication skills."
Course:BBA (2011-14)
"The intensive training, I received at SCMT and with the able support of the excellent faculty have been stepping stones towards my dream of becoming professional. The numerous inter and intercollegiate competitions – we have at the SCMT and cultural events as well – have definitely contributed to making me good marketing material."
Course:BBA (2011-14)
"I found the SCMT to be a mile stone in my professional and personal life. The intensity and breadth of the programme prepares you for high pressure situations complex problem solving and work life balancing that you can use in your approach to all challenges in your working life. The lecturers are learned and experienced ones. They know the best way to engage us and lead us towards honing our own business instincts and capacity for complexity and ambiguity."
Course:BBA (2011-14)
"As a student at SCMT, one gets lots of knowledge and cooperation right from taking of admission. The personal caring begins and one finds very inductive atmosphere at SCMT. Above all the fee structure for every higher study is very low, that makes every higher study aspirant enable to attain his educational goal in a very friendly atmosphere, being provided by faculty as well as by the administrative staff. The college infrastructure/ facilities are improving day by day."
Course:BBA (2010-13)
"I would like to thankful the college authority, especially “Training & placement cell” for getting me internship at AGL Logistics Pvt. Ltd, D-138, Jail Road, for getting me a wonderful experience, because the work environment is very good at our office and to learn new things in new field, as well as in new industry i.e, Sales coordinator in Logistics Industry."
Course:MBA (2011-13)
"I would like to thank the college authorities for getting me a job at career builder, DLF Corporate Park, Gurgaon as pre sales executive. Without college's strong recommendation, it would not have been possible for me to get a foot in door with such a great company. Your help and support during this search is highly appreciated. "
Name:Akshay Manandhar
Course:BCA (2011-14)
"I joined Mark 3 on 11th April 2013 as a part of my internship of 4th semester. From the very first day I am learning new things about the corporate & its environment. I work as a MIS executive in the company where I have to work on MS Excel data. I have to prepare correct data and maintain its MIS accordingly. I also look after computer systems for errors & problems. As I am a student of IT, I am getting benefited by my internship in Mark 3 under Corporate Interface programme. I am very much thankful to college to provide me such an opportunity where I am enhancing my skills."
Course:MBA (2011-13)
"I am thankful to Shikshapeeth College forproviding me a great platform & steady assistance from training & placement cell in moulding my career, the way I desired and my parents expected. My participation (as a team) and winningNorth India Regional award in Logistic Talent Hunt ‘2013 gave me an accelerated speed towards the journey from student to corporate life. I cracked final placements offer in DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd. as ‘Management Trainee’. I am working on new diversified project “Occasions”. I want to reiterate that all this is possible because of the education provided by my college."
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